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RF Magic Controller Product Specifications


Input voltage: 12V DC
Control mode:RF
Dimming mode:PWM
Connect mode: Common Anode
Work temperature: -20~60 degree
Control distance: 8m/ 26.25ft
Item color: Black and Gray
Shell material: Plastic
Controller dimension: L94mm*W58mm*H25mm
Remote controller dimension: L94mm*W37mm*H16mm
Item weight: 180g

Package including:
1 * IR controller
1 * Remote (Battery is not included)

Connecting Diagram

1. Features:
1) wireless magic color controller one port output most controlled 1024 light point.
2) the built-in 253 common animation effect(customers can request the change).
3) In the 253 kinds of effects can be optional fifty kinds of free group fully play.
4)wireless magic color controller also can control more than 30 common kind of driver IC:
6803 8806 9813 1109 6716 1804 2811 1886 1889 6812 etc.

2. Remote control button description:
ON/OFF button to switch key, in normal playback state long by 2-3 seconds later, controller controller
output closed digital tube display—–,In the controller closed long by 2-3 seconds later, he controller
starts o work normally.
MODE button for play pause key, in normal playback state, press a MODE button,the controller will
be suspended output, digital tube display STOP.In the controller suspended state, as a MODE
button,the controller starts to work normally.
B- key for effect reduced key,in normal playback state,press the B- key can switch to a program
broadcast,digital tube display the current program serial number.
B+ key for effect and key,in normally playback state, press the B+ button can switch to he next
program broadcast, digital tube display the current program several number.
S-key for speed reduction button in normal playback mode, press the S- key program can reduce the
playback speed level, digital display SP-(-) for the magnitude of the program playback speed.
S+ keys for speed plus button in normal playback mode,click the S+ keys can increase the program
playback speed level, digital tube display SP-(-) for the magnitude of the program playback speed.

Tutorial Video:



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